Answers to Questions: Directory of Skills/Exper(please add!)

I am starting this thread because of this quote.

I am already missing the fellowship

I wish to change this, and I hope others will join along. The way I wish to do this is by having people share what they are skilled at so that this may be a directory of people and their skills. This will allow someone having a specific question to turn to a welcome source of knowledge. In the process I hope this will develop a fellowship among what I also feel is somewhat broken group of chasers.

So, I will start first. My name is Robert Edmonds but you may call me Bobby. I have 3 years of chasing experience, which covers about 15-20 chases. Although I am kinda new at chasing and have limited forecasting experience, I will always be willing to share information of where I am headed or what I think looks good. I also whish to note, I have a fair bit of experience with chasing breakdowns and car woes.

I am an amateur to semi-professional photographer meaning I have been published a few times, and occasionally paid! This means if you have camera questions you may ask me, but beware I have tried to remain “true” to film so I have limited digital knowledge.

I am at UNM studying astrophysics, and currently going into my junior year. So if you’d like to talk physics or a have a question you may ask me.

My email is [email protected], but I may be away from my computer or studying for a few days, but I will try and respond as soon as possible.
That's a great idea. Though at camp we'd all have to remember each other's names. That was always stressful to me.

I'm Morgan Palmer, one of the moderators here on ST. I guess I've been a mod a couple of years, but don't remember at all when I started. I joined ST soon after it started.

I grew up in Abilene, Texas, having chased some after I got my driver's license and before I got my ham radio ticket (former call KC5GPG). I then joined up with the Skywarn spotter group in Abilene untill 1995, when I moved to Austin to start college.

Yes, at THE University of Texas. I graduated with a journalism degree in 1999. Since August of that year, I've been at KLTV, the ABC affiliate in East Texas. I started as a reporter then moved to the weekend anchor chair, before spending two years at the helm of the morning show. I was planning to leave and head to Milwaukee to take a reporting job when in April 2003, I was struck by lightning.

Not really. Though it felt like it. I realized at that point, I wanted to make a career shift. Though it meant starting over, sort of, I enrolled at MS State Univ in the broadcast met program. I am one year away from completion of that, while I have been doing weekend weather and weekday news reporting at KLTV for the past two years.

I try to get out and chase when I can, though my ability to do so is often limited by work. I can't take any time off in May because of ratings. :twisted:

I enjoy the community here, and try to add to it when I can. Other hobbies: computers, photography, history.