Another video effect caused by lightning

Feb 26, 2004
Last Wednesday 9-14-05 , I was out trying to catch some of the wind gust and lightning north of Tulsa . While reviewing some tape I found a moment that made it look like I stopped the tape then drove backwards and restarted the tape capturing the moment twice. Caused from a lightning strike ahead of me. This is the first time I've had this happen and there has been strikes closer unless this one had one above me I didn't see at the same time. Just another odd lightning effect

Here is the clip with normal speed then the slowed speed click me
I wonder if it would be more a physical defect in the tape rather than an lightning effect. It's more plausible that you had a kink in the tape that when it straightened out, made a short piece if the tape roll backwards over the recording head, I say this as I noticed a color variation torwards the bottom of the clip.

Since the casette drive is moving forward at a constant rate, the only thing that would happen if it were to suddenly reverse for a oment, would be that you record over that particular piece of tape. That would result in a 'blip' or 'jump' in the action rather than a reverse recording. However, a small kink or accordian section, would indeed record a "reverse" section if while being straightened, the kinked piece is dragged over the head backwards, then straightened out reversing itself back. Eihter that or the kinked section recorded a mirror as it was close enough to the recording head to pick up the image through the tape under it , popped the kink and continued to record normally. Hence the color shift seen in the reverse section.

Anyway, that's my theory rather than a lightning caused effect in a bolt that was pretty far away to receive any kind of RF effect that wouldn't effect the car electronics as well.
I still haven't got around to checking on that . I guess I can stop the tape at that point and unload it then look under the cover to see if there is any signs of a kink
The theory of the tape folding over and recording again sounds the most likely, but it's so strange that it would record that backrolling clip so perfectly. Regardless of what happened, it's so bizarre.