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Advice on a good digital camcorder

In the next couple weeks I am going to be purchasing a digital camcorder for next chase season. Does anybody have any good suggestions from either owning a particular one or by using one? If so let me know.

I would get a used sony trv18, 20, or 25. They are the best built camera with the most features out there. These new consumer grade camcorders will not hold up. They are not built as well as the older models. The models i mentioned have low light HAD technology, still photo memory stick, and high quality mini DV tape. You can pick these up on ebay for around 250.00-300.00 they are built very well. This is all I will buy now.

Of course if money is not an issue just buy a new HD cam.
There are single chip MiniDV cameras out there that are good in low light. the image sensor for those is usually 1/3. The Canon Optura 600 has a 1/2.8 chip in it. But you can also go to


to do more research and find camera reviews.