A question...

Jun 19, 2005
New Mexico
So I've noticed recently that while chasing is kinda over till next season for me, that I've been posting more in the B&G. However, I remember when we had Stormtrack x2 come around that people got docked on their privlages if they had talked too much in the old stormtrack B&G. I was just wondering should I keep check on my posting frequency in the B&G during this time of year, because I might get docked later on? I believe my posting frequency in B&G is going up just cause I have other things on my mind till next season(example: school). Thank you, for any further comments.
I think that is a great question and have to wonder why moderators have been posting the heck out of other topics but have not yet taken the time to answer your question.
I'm curious too guys, c'mon.
Our apologies for the slow reply, but things have been a bit busy elsewhere as well...

A simple answer to your question would be, yes, keep tabs on how you post in B&G. As there is still weather to talk about beyond storm chasing which is why we have the Weather Lab section. We're not going to come down hard during the off seasons, so don't lose any sleep over it, but don't go hog-wild in B&G, either as this is STILL a storm chasing forum.
Perhaps this issue needs some more clarification. As one who ended up on the ragged edge at the Changeover, it wasn't lost on me that a lot of threads in B&G (old and new) are very-much chase related. For example, I'd hate to see the post I just made about copyrights "count against" me just because it was in B&G. This issue did concern me before the Changeover, but I easily let it go. From a purely arithmetic point-of-view I think my posts in the chase poetry thread were enough to put me over the edge at the Changeover.
Exactly how do you check your stats? I'm not worried about my ratio but I am just curious how someone is suppose to know if they are getting close to their limit?