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A good deal?


If you hold off a few days, I can give you a full review! Thus far, my experience has been good. Package was shipped today and I'm hopeful for an arrival before the convention (UPS Ground). I'll certainly keep you posted.

If you're in a hurry, I've heard nothing but good about Cameta from those whom have used them (many as of now), so I think its a safe bet.

Just remember you're buying a factory demo (as stated in ad); I did the same with intention to cut some cost. Again, I've heard good things. Warrenties are the same as if new, so you'll save some dinero.

Also, you can do a custom package if you want a different lens or something. Give them a call and talk to one of them.
Thanks Tony; I'm not planning on buying a camera until at least March.

Yeah I saw that it's a demo; looks good.