Went out to watch the squall line/blob roll into western Champaign county. Sat there for a bit, got hit with 62 mph winds, and then it just rained and rained and rained and rained. Lots of tree damage to the south and west of me appearantly.
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Didn't want to add a Kansas and Missouri report thread, so I'll post here.

Darin called about 2 pm informing me of a watch to our east and convection firing. So he headed to Olathe where we caught these two first pictures. Beautiful shelf with very well defined striations. We headed south on K-7 to spring hill, where we spent the next hour or so getting east of the metro. Finally catching up to a cell that produced a wall cloud and tail. Last picture is of a new updraft forming on top of us, very strange rotation. Ended the chase in Sedalia, MO where we would hear of a tornado warned cell ~ 30 miles to our east. Thanks to Mike Deason for nowcasting. We had no map, and wx radio was in and out all day. Photos 3-4 are ~15 miles east of Pleasant Hill on Highway 58. Storms were moving ~40 mph to the east, so we considered ourselves lucky , and Mike put us on the right storm.




We had some severe storms roll through eastern MO on the 19th. There was radar indicated rotation but by the time they got to the St. Louis area (where I was) it was too dark to visually see anything. There was a large amount of wind damage and lightning. Lightning from that night: