8/7/04 NOW: ND/SD/Canada

Feb 8, 2004
Detroit, MI
Started by request of anpther member....

This is a NOW thread for the ongoing deep convection in the northern Plains (into Canada) ongoing. A blue box was just issued for the region... +2500j/kg SBCAPE and strong flow at all levels should make for a decent evening.
Hook on Radar

There is a hook near Estevan. Radar showing the main storm at 55dbz.
Storms in Moose Jaw are moving NNE, main storm may hit Saskatoon sometime with in the next few hours.

A lot of this is backfilling per Jared, and looks like a good day to go for a chase.
Should add, a now for North and South Dakota.

-Two blue boxes are up in North and South Dakota.
-Numerous severe thunderstorm warnings today
-Also just issued at 332 OM CDT a tornado warning
for Butte and Lawrence County South Dakota.