8/27/04 Reports: Upper midwest - Ctrl/southern Plains

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John Diel

Mar 25, 2004
North Central Oklahoma
Opening the Reports thread:

Left home about 5:30 p.m. and staged at Braman, OK. I heard the reports for the thundertorm warnings in the Udall, Ks area, but went ahead and stayed put (outside my coverage area anyway). I watched the storms building into the SW of the main storm. Moved to South Haven where I saw a dark area between the trees over Hiway 81. As I moved north, this became a straight vertical tube. Not very powerful by any stretch, in fact, I thought it was a landspout as I couldn't see the parent circulation. This spun itself out and I started to move back south. Looking in the rearview mirror and saw another funnel extending from a small circulation halfway to the ground. I whipped back to the north and watched this for about 20 minutes. This was 3 miles south of Wellington, KS.

Remembering to keep my head on a swivel, I saw yet another dust swirl not 200 yards to the west and south of me. I wasn't going to find out if this was a gustnado or not. The circulation was just to heavy. I moved to the north and west of this new circulation and finally the second tornado started roping out to the north. There was never a condensation funnel with the 3rd tornado, but there was cloud circulation overhead.

After this, the storm simply dumped rain eaast of Wellington into the Udall area. Radar estimates were in the 8 inch range.

From here, I headed on home.

Awesome day. 3 tornados in a five mile area.

Was on the tail-end cell in northeastern Blaine County yesterday. Briefly produced a small wall cloud between Hitchcock and Okeene, then two new cells went up SW of it and started producing heavy precip cores as cells organized into a squall line. Some interesting tornado lookalikes on the low hanging scud on the leading edge of the outflow - similar to those seen in the OKC area on 4/21 - probably would have seen some (false) tornado reports had they been closer to OKC, Tulsa, or Topeka. Prolific CG producer as well - tried to pull over to get some video of the lightning but was having problems finding a good vantagepoint from all the tall cornstalk like weeds - now I know what the folks in NE and IA have to deal with - some of those dirt road intersections with no stop signs can be dangerous. Highlight was probably getting hit by the outflow that raced out about 10 miles ahead of the storm - kicked up a pretty decent dust storm near Kingfisher.
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