7/27/06 NOW: WI/IL/IN


There is a SVR Thunderstorm watch out for north IL and west IN. A Tor warned storm currently sw of chicago and moving closer to chicago as it moves NE/E. Doplar radar is indicating strong rotation and a possible tornado on the ground. Is anyone chasing this storm?
rotation on the storm appears to be over orland park, storm is moving over a very densly populated area, reports of car crashes causing gridlock near and around the storm

Tornado warning issued for the storm near 55 and 80 near rockdale
NBC5 Chicago is reporting Tornado Warnings Issued For Will, Cook Counties
A tornado has been spotted moving toward Joliet.
ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz....HUH...what? I feel like a bear who has just been startled out of hibernation. Wow, wrote this year off back in May. I was on these storms. Not intentionally, though. On the way home from work. Could see a nice tower up through the haze, turned the NOAA radio on, & away I went. Started off in Kendall Co., ending up into Will Co, which after 4pm is a feat in itself. I can confirm 1 funnel cloud I saw while sitting @ the I80 - I55 interchange. A very thin, needle type funnel off to my SE. Definetly not scud. Came down pretty far, but can't confirm it touching down. Due to construction, traffic, etc... I dare not try to go any further east. I heard several reports of funnels, BUT, with EVERYONE seemingly on the roads @ the same time, I'm sure there were a lot of people jumping the gun, calling in funnel reports which probably were scud, which there was a lot of, too. The Lake Michigan Storm Killing Machine was fully operational. Storm movement was around 15 mph, which was a little slower than most of the traffic on 55. Anyone else out there?