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7/27/06 FCST: IL, IN

After yesterdays suprise with a few isolated storms with supercell structure, and incredible supercell parameters on SPC soundings for Lincoln, Illinois around early-mid evening(26.1). SBCAPE is now exceeding 3,000 j/kg in Central Illinois with temperatures between 80-86 and plenty of moisture across the entire Midwest. I noticed Helicity values in East Central Illinois and West Central Indiana are rather impressive, not significant but interesting. Multicell storms now firing in the center of Illinois as well. Shear could make for some fun storms again today as well. Time will tell all.

Attached the file of the sounding from last night 7/26.
Not expecting anything last nights lightning fest. Most of the reports that are coming in are heavy rains. I probably won't go out tonight because of other activities that I have planned. If I do go out it'll probably be to shoot video of the flooding. BTW last night was the first time I got video aired on local TV! Wahoo! Any whos Im outa here. Good luck to those who do go out.

Yikes! I'll retract my earlier statement, but that comment was more generally twards my neck of the woods. As I'm writing this NWS has extended that tornado warning for Will and Cook Co. ILL. Keeping my eyes on thisngs as storms develop. Suggesting we should move these to a NOW thread.