7-23-05 morning Bow in MN **HEY MODS**

**HEY MODS...I've sent requests 3x to be able to post to the Target Area forum...still can't....what's up????** Please copy this post over to correct forum if possible or delete this one, get me access and I'll repost....thanks.

Anyhow...up for breakfast, headed to Hutchinson MN, moved a little north to be on the southern end of the apex south of St Cloud, home for lunch before 11:30.


Spent the rest of the day at home sweating it out with Td's pushing 80 under H85 temps nearing 30C and H7's near 13. Frustrating as I could visually ID the WF just north of my house. When the 18Z ABR and 19Z MPX special launch data came out, pretty apparent the cap was not going to break. What a waste of what could have been an explosive day.