7/26/06 REPORTS: MN/IA

Add MN into the 7 25 06 mix if you would be so kind mods...

The updraft base of the training line by Harris/Wyoming MN was pretty unorgazined so headed north to Braham for the linear stuff coming in from the west. Stopped in Rush City for gas and watched a weak wall cloud form on a cell just east of town but got rapidly killed by the outflow from the cells approaching from the west. Set up just to the east of Braham, right on the apex of the bow. Great shelf, but top wind gust was only 38 mph, torrential rain on I35 as I headed south. Stopped in Centerville and took some CC lightning pics over Peltier Lake. Saw only three CG's and one was less than a few hundred feet away while driving in the core near Stacy.

The pics were taken in near total darkness as the CC lighting did not want to cooperate!


Bill D