7/19/05 TALK: Upper Midwest SD/MN

Jun 16, 2004
Minneapolis, MN
It's a long shot today - cap is pretty large. However the energy is substantial. The hodographs look awesome, especially KBKX and KMHE. Mitchell is looking the best today. It'd be nice to see something get going. I haven't heard thunder in two days. :( The surface streamlines will support that southerly flow. Temps are already going to be pretty high today. We shall see what we shall see. Good luck to anyone wanting to tempt at it...I'll be at the Outback in Sioux Falls tonight. Funny how these things time themselves together.

Just saw that the SPC put eastern SD and most of MN in a slight for tomorrow.
I've been watching today and especially tomorrow. Looks like it will be an late initiation if storms fire in South Dakota. Models are showing potential MCS overnight from SD into MN/IA. FSD has said pretty much nothing about these chances which is strange. Good luck if you see anything.. I'm hoping for some more rain and some nice lightning if this thing comes through overnight.
I saw the better chances in northern MN but it seems like a small pocket of chance for Mitchell/Huron area. I doubt it will produce, but like Jayson, I'd be happy with rain and lightning tonight.
Because I'm just post happy today I guess... Initiation expected over the central ND/SD border in 1-3 hrs. They are talking supercells that will probably go linear after a while. It's bound to be a noisy night, that's for sure. Maybe my Mitchell/Huron target won't be so bad after all?