7/12/06: NOW: PA / NJ / NY

Aug 16, 2005
Albany, New York
A Tornado Watch was just posted for parts of PA, NJ and NY. All of the paramters are in places for rotating supercells with the possibility of tornadoes. Many cells are rapidly developing and are showing the begining signs of a hook on them. This will be the place to be this afternoon to chase big storms. Will watch carefully and see if it's worth a 2 hour drive south to chase this afternoon.....
A weak supercell just passed directly over New Haven, and there's another one out in the Sound headed for Long Island. This is all embedded in gunge, and outflow dominant, but the storms looked surprisingly healthy on radar, with all the typical supercell characteristics. Based on this, I'd say the atmosphere is primed for rotation and I also will be keeping a close eye on things. Probably won't chase locally unless this crap clears out and some real instability develops, but it could definitely be an interesting day further south. You don't see too many tornado watches that include Manhattan!

Edit: just noticed that there's a new MD out for CT concerning tornado potential and a possible watch this afternoon. Definitely going to have to monitor the situation closely...
Nice isolated mini-sup 20 mi ENE of New Haven has been tracking solidly for over an hour. I wish I was about 60 miles east of where I am now so I could go after it! Agree with Dave K. that the gunge makes this one particularly difficult to chase (not that it was ever easy to chase amidst the forests, mountains and winding roads of the northeast).

I'm still in a holding pattern at work here in Poughkeepsie... Got the laptop, cameras and WXWorx in the car, waiting to see if any of that stuff north of NYC shows any signs of being anything other than a big mess. So far no luck. I think the lack of heating will be today's downfall. Great kinematics though, which isn't too common in these parts.
A tornado warning was just issued for Westchester (NY) and Fairfield (CT) county. Visibility is about .25 miles so I will not be chasing.
Hudson County, where I'm located, is one of the places in the tornado watch.

A tornado warning is in effect until 4:15 p.m. for Westchester County.

A waterspout was reported on the warned storm near the Tapanzee Bridge.

There's a moderate thundershower over me as I write this.
Tornado Warned cell now near Valhalla and heading toward the Clinton's house (Chappaqua, NY) has been pulsing and ever so slowly strengthening. Reports of trees down near White Plains with a separate supercell so we'll see if this thing gets intense enough to drop a tube.
I'm in Norwalk, CT directly in this storm's path. Like I said before there is almost no visibility, just dense haze and fog.
Tornado warning issued until 4:30 pm for Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Quick question-can anyone guess how strong the twisters could be out of these storms?
Tornado warning issued until 4:30 pm for Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Quick question-can anyone guess how strong the twisters could be out of these storms?

Based on climatology F0 or F1, but anything is possible.

Sure wish I had some more visibility, tv is going crazy with warnings.....

Intense CG's all around. Keeping a careful eye on the large antenna across the street.
New Tornado warning just issued upstream for Fairfield County, CT. Cell still looks well organized and possibly producing a tornado. Incidentally, the storm looks more likely of producing a Tornado now than it did over the Tappan Zee Bridge area.
No change in conditions outside my house. Still very calm and humid. No sign of cold air form the Sound being entrained yet.
Very frustrating situation, surrounded by supercells that are almost impossible to chase because of visibility. I watched that supercell that passed directly over New Haven, and there really wasn't much to see, just an area of blackness in a gray sky. I saw no visible structure despite the very pretty presentation on radar - which is why I let the storm go by instead of following it. I kinda regretted that later, as the cell held together nicely and even intensified a bit after it moved east of the city - but really conditions are very far from ideal for chasing. Maybe one of us will get lucky, though...

WATERSPOUT was witnessed by Fire Department in Tarrytown on the Hudson River. A new report of a Tornado touchdown has been received by a trained spotter in Tarrytown reporting trees and wires down.
I'll be, we have inflow in Norwalk.

Yes, this system is now in lower Fairfield county.

Looks like the indicated meso will pass over my home town of Darien, CT. Of course, I am in Norwalk right now, the next town over.

Still inflow dominated here...going to a safe area.

Make sure to get out your video camera and digital camera :). This supercell still has a persistent rotation indicating a tornado...and it's going to pass directly over your town shortly!!! Let us know how you make out (After calling the NWS to give them a report 1st, of course).
WHOA....We have problems in Westchester County!!!

415 PM EDT WED JUL 12 2006

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The cell has moved out into the Sound. Looks like the main action went to my southwest over Darien. I'm going to go do some recon later...will report then.
Very dark in New Haven now, and we're quite a ways away from the cell. Hope things in Westchester aren't as bad as that report makes out - I'm not hearing any confirmation about a building collapse, at least not on News 88, which is usually on top of these things.

There's still a pretty good couplet showing on radar, Long Island might be next...
WCBS New York is now streaming live news coverage of the tornado damage. There is A LOT of damage in the Hawthorne, NY area. Cars were tossed, windows broken, trees toppled over, roofs were damaged and a building housing a cabinet company has been leveled. All of this confirmed by the Emergency Management Office.

Judging by the looks of the tree tops, toppled trees and signs that are bent down the same way, this was undoubtedly a tornado.
Talked to my family earlier today and mentioned the possibility of tornadoes this afternoon, but obviously this was more significant than our average severe weather events...by far. Damage was west of my town, which is two towns east of Bill O's, and News12 is reporting that some of it is quite significant.

Officials say one of the hardest hit was the Hawthorne area in Mount Pleasant. State police confirmed a warehouse collapse where they are treating the injured. A spokesman for Westchester County's Emergency Management says some cars flipped over on the Route 9A corridor. Police say a funnel cloud there picked up a police cruiser. The officer was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.[/b]
-->Tornado rips path of destruction through Westchester

By the sounds of it, it touched down over the Hudson River just north of the Tappan Zee (what an amazing site that must have been for motorists on the heavily-travelled span!!) and moved through several towns in Westchester County and possibly into Greenwich CT before dissipating.

As of right now there are severe thunderstom warnings in effect for the immediate NYC metro area, and there are no indications of any tornadic activity associated with them.