6/30/06 NOW: MB / ND / MN

Jan 2, 2005
Grand Forks, ND
A half now/half forecast here: Funnel cloud reported in Brandon, Manitoba per METAR at 2017z. A fairly impressive shortwave is moving along the ND/MB border. Environmental shear is so-so but storm relative shear is pretty good. Expecting storms to gradually build south into ND with time. There is also a surface boundary that has been hung up in the western rim of the Red River Valley in ND. Thus far storms have formed behind the boundary with the better UA support and favorable CAPE/CIN environment. Sharp mid-level speed max is progressing across ND. This will eventually intercept the surface boundary currently in the Valley where there is good low-level shear. Good looking storms possible on either side with perhaps the best tor threat along the surface boundary.
SHAVE is calling on the storm that has now moved from Stark Co ND into Morton Co ND....had a string of golfball reports with estimated winds of 80 mph.
The most northeastern storm on that small line of storms northeast of Devil's Lake, in my humble opinion, should currently be tornado warned. Rad Vel scans are showing moderate rotation, and there is a definite hook setting up.