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6/21/06 DISC: MI / IL / IN / OH

--> http://toimages.us.publicus.com/apps/pbcsi...axW=500&title=1

LOL... While I wasn't there, that is quite likely not a tornado (but rather a large block of scud clouds along the gust front -- with strong ascent caused by cold outflow air hitting the ground and lifting warm parcels and inducing condensation below the cloud base).

This could be confused as a tornado as well -- but it was rather low-level ascent becoming saturated well below cloud base (to the left of the pic). This was from a supercell becoming outflow dominant (still showing weak low-level rotation in the wall cloud to the right of the pic) on the CO/NE border.

The Bland will believe anything, and it is scary enough to make people think it is. Granted weather in the Great Lakes is fairly different from down here in Okieworld, so who knows. Maybe there actually was something in all that junk.

Good news...Toledo got a good rinsing out, the town needed a bath. :)
I was thinking of chasing towards Adrian from Toledo on Wednesday, and I decided not to - it was too clustery, plus I don't have enough mobile stuff or nowcasters to navigate through the cluster. I was looking at level2 storm relative velocity on the Lenawee and Hillsdale county areas - I was thinking "that is about the most complicated thing I've ever seen. I can't decide what's the best rotation." I got about 2.9" of rain that night (7:30PM to possibly 12:30 or 1:00AM, ??) here in Perrysburg (not counting Wed. morning) in a simple rain guage. It was some pretty intense lightning at times. (had my computer off!) Overall, it's just about the rainiest day I think I can remember. Some hail fell, about 0.5" diameter.