5/4/06 DISC: TX

A lot of interesting storm radar features from yesterday's storm such as what Jeff mentioned with that cell that slung off the area of rotation and radar echo. I was also noting the storms in and near Gillespie county that after dark were moving southward with their updraft region and potential tornadoes leading as they moved south. I thought this was kind of odd. I wanted a brief discussion on what you folks think was causing this. I'm thinking generally the cold front was moving south and overall ambient flow was fairly low, perhaps the lower level jet was causing continual propagation along the boundary and increasing overal SRH frm SRM as these cells attached to the boundary built south along with it as it moved.

These cells just appeared to be diving south. Earlier I believe they had all been moving east, before they began the strong 90 degree right turn south. Also a bit after this there was a tiny cell just to my north of Cedar Park in Williamson county that then also began moving south. It quickly became stronger with brilliant lightning. I just figured at first it would be a nice enjoyable thundershower at home, but the thing just began raging and it continued to do so for over 30 minutes it seemed. Wind was strong at times with a few gust surges making me run for my protective area under the stairs briefly. As this was going on I was noticing a bit of rotation showing on base velocity and storm relative velocity that moved south along with the surging wind and eventually moved east away from me a bit to later resume and pass through Austin. This area of rotation eventually registered in one or two scans as a TVS. In my area there has been some wind damage. One neighbor had a 30 foot tree limb thrown in his pool. I found a beachball that had been in my back yard in my front yard and it moved a lot of my lawn furniture including a gas grill across the patio and turned it completely around.

I note we are in the 5% torn area today, and Saturday maybe some storms too.