5/31/06 NOW: CO

Watchi issued for eastern CO and adjacent areas. Chris and I are driving W on 50 from Lamar right now, passing under our third CU band of the day. Short-term target: Ordway, CO.
Tornado warning just issued for central Arapahoe County, CO based on several funnel cloud reports from I-70/Gun Club Road to Deer Trail.

This activity due to convection developing along the Denver Convergence Vorticity Zone. WFO forecasters expect continued threat of funnels and short-lived tornadoes in this area.
Reported tornado in Weld County NW of Fort Morgan and moving towards the city. Also reports of funnels in severe thunderstorm near Limon.

Chris Rozoff and company are out along with Verne and Michael Carlson. Last check they had intercepted the now Limon storm east of Denver when it briefly went tornado warned. No reports of tornatic activity from that.

Haven't heard from them since then, so I don't know it they continued on with the Limon storm or moved north to intercept the Weld County storm.

I'm in Topeka stranded due to van issues and couldn't get home today to chase. Will be returning tomorrow to DEN in a rental before coming back out over the weekend to retrieve my van.