5/29/06 NOW IL / IN / WI

What a cool thing to see after returning from the Plains! Numerous pulse-severe thunderstorms are exploding across the Chicago Metro, SE Wisconsin, and NW Indiana. Low dewpoint depressions, SBCAPE on the order of up to 4500 J/kg, and a non-existent capping inversion have set things in motion this afternoon. If only there was favorable wind shear and a stronger cap, sincethose seem to be the only thing missing from this equation. Nonetheless, many warnings have been issued for hail and wind from these rock-hard photogenic, but short-lived updrafts.
My area is currently under a severe thunderstorm warning. There was a pretty good wind gust as the storm arrived. I would guess it to be about 40 mph. Nothing really severe has occurred here. I did see the green hail shaft pass to my northeast. After a cap bust in east central South Dakota yesterday, it was nice to see some convection.