5/26/06 REPORTS: TN / VA

Jun 22, 2005
Fall Branch, TN
It was an interesting day here, on Friday of this week. I started watching the RAD for east TN, just to see what was going on, since east TN was already in a slight risk. A storm movie SEE from Hamblen County, was exhibiting pretty strong low-level rotation, sporting a meso ring, and a nice couplet signature (it also had a sligh hook echo/v notch). It had a very strong core, with allegid 1.50 inch hail. I saw as it was moving towards my town, that the rotating area was going to be the area that would graze it..since the storm would more than likely pass just north, with it's southern end affecting me.

SRV: http://img124.imageshack.us/img124/9293/tncouplet28mk.png

RAD: http://img124.imageshack.us/img124/9358/hookechotn4rw.png


Growing Cumulonimbus


Sky, towards the area where the storm would be approaching.


ROTATING WALL CLOUD...yes, this is very surprising. Can you believe this, in the mountains of east TN, I would ever see anything like this. I have been anticipating this for so long..and when I Saw this, I almost fainted. The wall cloud had rapid rotation, and a very scary up and down motion on it's west side...unfortunatly, since east TN is so full of trees, you can not see anything, so do not go chasing here! I could not see if there were any funnel clouds or anything else under the entire base of the rotating wall cloud. This think formed so quickly......


Close Up view of Wall cloud


Wall cloud heading towards heavy rain shaft, which would lead to it's death.


Wall cloud being destroyed by cold rain, cutting off the circulation.


Beautiful Cumulonimbus


Growing Cumulonimbus near twilight.


Last round of storms.

A very fun day, with thunderstorms around every few hours, and two of them, severe.
Not much to write about here. Had a slight risk on Friday and made the decision to stay here in Hampton Roads instead of driving south into North Carolina. Of course North Carolina was hit pretty hard with severe thunderstorm warnings all over the state. Anyway, I have posted some photos taken near the Norfolk area friday evening with a brief report. Digital photos and video stills... Video still to come, but it was not that great anyaway... Hope all is having a good holiday weekend...