5/23/04 NOW: IL/IN/MI

SW Ontario has tornado watch issued as well, at 12:27 pm Eastern.

I will be heading out in about an hour with a good friend of mine. Good luck to all today and be safe.
thinking of going out

Hello, I'm in chicago right now thinking about taking I-55 out to central IL, just waiting for first cells to pop and see if the winds can back any more. Im not sure if today will pan out, athough 1+ km shear looks good, cape is not as high as predicited. Will just wait and see.

looks like OK is trying to get in on the action for once as a cell has fired over the Turner Turnpike near Chandler. doesn't look like it's moved all that much in the past hour either....anybody checking this cell out?
OK Storm moving off boundary


That OK storm appears to be short-lived. It is sitting on a boundary that extends up into MO, where an active boundary storm line is. There is a lot of horizontal wind shear moving W-E. I think once that storm moves off that boundary, it will die off. The boundary is moving to the NW of Tulsa and other storms can be seen firing up along that boundary. There is a dryline that's running down the middle of the OK state and the cold front is still in KS, where it will stall out tomorrow. And severe weather will probably return to NE and IA by Monday.

Thanks for asking. 8) LJK.
IDK Larry, those storms northeast of us here in Norman are really holding together. The storm along the boundary is definitely looking good.
I may head out in a second for some sunset pics.
Storms in OK firing up


I checked the NWS radar again and true to my prediction that first storm that fired up near Chandler had moved east and is dying down. But the second and third storm in that boundary line is holding steady and building some good size. I would not be surprised if NWS issue a SSW for that area of OK tonight. Good luck on those sunset pics. 8) LJK.

Update: I spoke too late. A SSW has been posted for OK tonight.
Tornadic supercells with GREAT structure firing up NW and SW of Chicago. Warnings in effect for Grundy, LaSalle, Kendall counties. Broken line of SUP's getting organized to my west. Looks like there missing me, but the structure is beautiful. Overshooting tops and backsheared anvils, however they are getting obscured by disorganized Cu fragments. Hope to see a lightning show. Next storm should go TOR-warn for McHenry or across WI line. If I had the equip, training, and more knowledge, I'd be chasing in those warned counties. Anybody down there? :) These things are hauling it now: 35 mph form 25 10 minutes ago! :shock: Show should end by 9:00.
I'm sitting in Hampshire, IL right now. There's one main storm I've been watching for about an hour. This is not the kind of storm you want to see plow through a major city. I can only hope the tornado it's warned for isn't too strong, because the south end of Cook county (including parts of the Chicago metro area) is going to get smacked.

If only these storms would've fired earlier in non-populated areas... Then I could get close in pics. Oh well.
I'm watching the Cubs game now (on ESPN) and they keep showing sky shots with the approaching storm. The anvil with mammatus is already overhead....
The eagle is flying into Chicago, but only a T-storm warning for the cell. I am seeing the Lake county SUP to the north and it has a PERFECT look to it IMO. Storm in Cook county should miss the game to the south as it has become a right mover. :wink: GO CUBS GO! :wink: