4/20/04 NOW: IL/IN

Quite a few warnings up there now... Rather surpsing, seeing all model guidance I can see is saying/forecasting/analyzing CAPE <500 (if not 0) across most of IL and IN. SPC mesoanalysis, however, is indicating SBCAPEs >1000+ across that area... Shear is very strong, but I can't seem to find much of anything that shows instability over that area... Several reports, however, of spotter-sighted tornadoes.... Always a good remind to stay on your feet, as even the days that don't look favorable can turn around quickly... Those supercells all appear quite small in terms of size...

Also, a new tornado warning for a supercell right near Des Moines, IA...

VAD profiles from nearby radars show some very impressive shear! LCLs are very low too.

EDIT: 11 counties under tornado warnings right now! :shock:

EDIT2: LOL I find it odd how the forecast tornado area (eastern KS/OK, eastern MO/AR) have had 0 tornado reports so far, yet there seems be a regional tornado outbreak going on in IL and IN. Additionally, tornado warnings now for that Des Moines supercell and one now for Antelope county in northeast Nebraska! What's going on?! LOL
I find it very interesting that the SPC did not put out a tornado watch until 2240Z, and did not have a Meso Discussion until 2300Z. Note that this is after 6 tornadoes spotted until the watch, and 11 until the Meso Discussion.

I also found it funny that many went chasing today aimed at a marginal environment (SE KS/NE OK), only to have a mesoscale tornado event blow up 2 states away!

Never underestimate the warm front just because the SPC does.
I come in from work hearing about a tornado watch. I'm thinkin there must be some mistake. HWO said no sevwx for Chicago! :shock: :shock: Now, a multitude of supercells approaching the city! WTF?! :shock: :shock:

Nothin by NIU though. :(

It's about time something got started, been really boring here, weatherwise.

Grundy and Will Counties in NE IL. I called home and my mom says that sirens are sounding.
Reported now on ground in city of Channahon, also tornado just hit the small town of Delmar, Iowa in Jackson county major damage now being reported. Wow, major outbreak NOT expected!!
Confirmed tornado reports now coming in around the Wabash / Huntington area of north central Indiana heading NE now towards Allen county (Ft. Wayne area) .

Gads, I wish we could have got an inkling of this brewing up earlier in the afternoon (more action here in the midwest than in Ok/KS )- well within a 1 to 4 hr chase drive for me. Maybe tomorrow.

Jon Miller

They just issued a tornado warning for FT. Wayne Indiana
We have gone from 16 to 34 tornado reports in 30 minutes! I was on an armchair chase down near Tulsa today. :x
This will end up being a great case study for today....... 31 tornadoes already for just IL/IN from the warm front.
Tornado on ground in Joliet, Illinois and on the ground ON Interstate 57 just north of Kankakee, Ill. Not good, getting in high population areas and on major highways.
According to Dr. Forbes, tornadic supercell is approaching my hometown of Schaumburg, IL :shock: Spare my house please! I wonder if anyone got pictures of this event!
Confirmed touchdowns and damage in Boone, Howard,Grant and Wabash counties in Indiana.

Confirmed touchdown NOW in Roanoke Indiana (Huntington county) heading NE 20 mph into Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

Jon Miller

Confirmed touchdown and damage (& TV news video of tornado) in Jamestown Indiana earlier.
Originally posted by Ken Hughey
Wow... Check out the 4pm HWO for Chicago....


NWS in Chicago always seems to downplay most severe weather threats. However; this event by most meteorological standards, really wasn't supposed to happen. The air was very stable, but I guess strong forcing, very low LCLs, and intense shear all combined at the right place and time.

Hopefully we can get some of this action in MI tomorrow, I'll be out chasing...I just put the laptop to sleep for a full battery tomorrow, and called up sprint to activate my cellular card...

Chicago outbreak has ended looks like. The storm approaching my home in Schaumburg weakened and as most supercells do, it moved to the right. I guess this type of thing (low-top supercells) is what y'all were expecting on 3/1 up here!
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I just got back from a spur-of-the-moment run through DuPage and Will counties, right out my door. Most frustrating – low light levels, lousy contrast, and crowded and cluttered terrain. Every time I got a line on a cell it weakened as though it sensed my approach. Finally got close to a good storm around Lockport when it finally got too dark too see. Not my day, but pretty good for a completely unexpected gift. I actually read the infamous 4PM LOT HWO before I left work, and came home to my SAME reciever going off. :oops:
Did not even have a drop of rain here at Kentland Indiana, but tornado on Ground a few miles northwest of Gilman Illinois about 30 miles west of me.....I do hope mets will study this outbreak to see why 38 of 43 reported tornadoes so far his Indiana and Illinois and why the warm front became so active when it was unexpected to do so and interest was focused on Oklahoma. Good scientific lessons can be learned.