3/30/2004 REPORTS: Midwest/Northeast USA

Dan Robinson

I watched the approaching closed low with anticipation this morning, and when some major clearing started taking place across KY and a slight risk was added to the area, I started getting excited. I took the day off and headed to Grayson, KY (35 miles west of Huntington) where Tcu was already in progress at 2PM, producing some showers and a few quiet rumbles of thunder.

Soon after, lightning channels began to peek out of the cloud bases and I found a picturesque scene with a covered bridge near Argillite to try and catch a strike or two - no strikes cooperated.

I followed the intensifying line (from behind) into Lawrence County, Ohio (just north of Huntington, WV) and took a few shots of rainbows, mammatus and shelf clouds - some together!.


A nice chase day - well, until I learned that a nice line with frequent lightning moved right through Charleston, my home town. Ouch. Oh well, some nice scenes out there today, fun nonetheless. 3 states (Kentucky, Ohio, WV), ~180 miles.

Afterthoughts: StreetAtlas/GPS was used heavily and proved itself well today on the back roads of Ohio and Kentucky. There is no way I could have kept up with these storms without it. Too many chances to make wrong turns, and roads facing west when you think you're going east! (That's driving in Appalachia for you) GPS is well worth it. Data, on the other hand........ boy, I was pining for a Threat Net setup today.