3/10/07 NOW: TX / OK / KS

Severe thunderstorms are building across the TX panhandle. Water Vapor is showing the shortwave to be digging deeper than models are showing. Would not be suprised to see a few more Severe Thunderstorm Warnings. Also, looking out my window, does look like a decent storm building out toward Spearman and Perryton.
Pee size hail was just occuring here in Booker, TX. Doesnt look like much on radar, but it is hailing. Storms are not having a hard time producing hail.
Dave - with the amount of dry air down low, I'd have to believe these are WAY too high based to be tornado producers.
Looks like the large hail is all near / south of Memphis (1.5") but all warnings are on the yuck stuff to the north. Impressive overhang near 287 with little precip at all on 0.5 underneath.
Man there is some nice shear showing up on radar along a nicely formed bow segment across western north texas and extreme SW Oklahoma right now. I beleave it is getting ready to move into Quana texas.
Very impressive bow hugging the TX/OK border around Hardeman Co in n Tx and Jackson Co in sw OK. Looks like one solid squall perhaps the beginning stages of a derecho.
I wouldnt be suprised to se an isolated tornado spin up on the leading edge of this bow echo given the strong shear associated within the leading edge of this line. Even though these storms are probably high based. At least an isolated wind gust of up to 90mph seems likely if this thing holds together.
Wow a nice shear couplet is now showing up to the west of Chillicothe just south of the red river in WN Texas.
Heading out now from Wichita Falls. Hope to get some lightning pics but NWS warning about winds to 80 mph. localized damaging wind event may very well be unfolding. Havent heard much on the HAM as of yet.
Ill psot pics later today. I think rather than head down towards San Angelo today for what may be a marginal setup (I wouldnt be surprised at a couple of nice Sups tho) Ill jsut take some lightning photos this morning and maybe chase anything locally if more severe moves in later in the AM.
Ya I agree that a localized damaging wind event defanatly seems possible. I am very impressed as to how these storms have maintained themselves for this long, this late at night when suposably there was not suposed to be enought wind shear or instability tonight for severe weather.
A wind gust of 70mph was reported at altus air force base at 3:07am per NWS.
Boy, if I was in the Tipton Oklahoma area right now I'd be hunkering down the hatches. It looks like Tipton is going to get nailed by this bow segment within the next 20mins or so.
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Seems to me to be dissapating now and can see outflow racing ahead of the storm. Now I have a question (maybe stupid or simple) and I hope it fits in this thread. Where will the outflow boundry finally settle as this thing falls apart if it continues to do so. I am not too saavy on outflow boundries and the next days setup as far as this is concerned.:confused:
Ya the line does seem to be loosing some steam but I wouldnt put anything past it at this point and time. A would have never dreamed of a bow segment that strong developing in an atmospheric environment such as the one entrenched across the area, let alone severe weather.

Other storms now seem to be firing to the SE and North of the Lawton area.
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