2007 National Storm Chaser Convention

Sadly, I am not going to be able to make it. I have about $1000 in maintenance and repair things I need to get done to my chase vehicle, plus we are getting my wife another vehicle, so all of that is going to take any extra funds I could spend going up there. It's a fair distance trip for me. I know I am really going to be missing out. Some of those talks I would really like to hear!
Dr. Howie Bluestein has announced the title of his talk on Saturday :

High-resolution views of tornadoes using mobile Doppler radars and unusual visual observations: Several recent case studies.

This should prove enlightening and exciting to see the high resolution radars and case studies on some of the storms many of us chased!
Hello all!!

Just a quick update. Tim Samaras, Dave Drummond and I look forward to seeing many of you here in Denver in 3 weeks! This will be a phenomenal convention! All speakers have given their talk titles for Saturday (presentation day) and Sunday (teaching day). The final details are all completed now and the convention is moving forward at light speed! We will have more vendors this year than ever before!

Just a reminder, on line registration is open through Feb 15, and mail in forms must be mailed by Feb 10th. There will be some registrations available at the door for $89 instead of $79.

We have quite a few door prizes again, with some really cool items being given away! More details later!

Further, if you want to show a video, PLEASE bring it in a DVD and find Tim Samaras or myself. We'll again run video night as long as you all want it to go!

Just a few more tidbits before the big weekend.

Jeff Piotrowski of Baron Services will be discussing the NEW UPGRADE to the WXWORX system at our convention for the first time!

Not sure when the release will happen, however..

Also, we will be GIVING AWAY a brand new WXWORX system!

Do you feel lucky?

As a reminder, Sunday is 'back to school day. The lineup will include instructors such as Dr. Howie Bluestein giving a RADAR 101 class, Dan McCarthy giving a Skew-T class, with others teaching their area of expertise as well, including Jon Davies, Dr. Greg Forbes, and our own Mike Umsheid to discuss chase forecasting.

Absolutely the best convention for storm chasers on the planet.

Its not too late. A few mouse clicks...and your in!


Be there!

Tim Samaras
Partial attendance?

Hi all, I have wanted to attend for the last two years but have always had some commitment. I am finally going this year. My wife would like to attend just the workshops on sunday. Does she need to register for the whole event? I couldn't find info on the website so I'm asking here...

Joe hall
Yeah, you would have to register for everything except to attend the SKYWARN classes on Sunday. Those are free to anyone that wants to go. :)
Howdy- I am flying in Thursday afternoon and looking to go skiing Friday morning to afternoon. Looks as if I can rent a car from the hotel for about $55 for the day.
I am thinking of going up to Loveland or Winterpark.
Anyone else interested look me up....
Laura Hedien
Anyone that is at the convention taking digital pictures, if you want to, you can email them to [email protected]

I will be taking down the current images that are in rotation on the front page when I get some pics in and replacing them with whatever gets sent to that email address. It won't be realtime, but I will post them ASAP on the convention site.
Wow. For the $91 it was a heck of a bargain. A seminar like that is worth at least twice the price- beverages, breakfast, dinner, shirt and 2 days of expert lecturers. Very nice hotel also.
Had a great time and it was more than worth the price.
Thanks for putting this together. I'm sure it's not fun orchestrating everything.
Hope to see this next year.
I agree with Laura on this one. The convention was well worth the money and the hotel was nice as well. I enjoyed listening to and learning from all of the speakers that were on hand. It may not be something you would want to attend every year, but everybody should attend at least once sometime or another. Thanks to everybody that was in charge of coordinating the convention and arranging for the guest speakers to attend.

I'm happy to announce that we cleared over $1000 for the Red Cross in Storms of 20xx sales at the NSCC this weekend! Thanks to everyone that stopped by our table.
It was great to see everyone and thanks to Tim and Roger for another fine event!
I would like to second what Laura and Chris have said. The presentations were excellent and I learned a lot that I believe will help make me a better chaser. Thanks to Roger and Tim for all your hard work to make the convention happen!

BTW, for you snow chasers out there, you should have been at the convention! Pretty much no matter what dirction you came into Denver from, you would have seen some intense snow and wind if you drove in on Friday. In the mountains west of Denver, snow accumulations were as high as 18 inches around the Eisenhower Tunnel, and winds gusted to 100 mph in some areas. Roger managed to get away from convention preparations long enough to catch some video of the intense snow and wind in Berthoud Pass, which appeared Friday night on channel 7 in Denver. And in the plains, an intense band of snow squalls set up from Ft. Collins SE through Limon. This band was accompanied by 40-60 mph winds and, in some areas, thunder and lightning. When I came through it I encountered visibility down to about 200 feet near Limon, but others who came through later encountered visibilities down to zero.

It snowed again today in the mountains, which made for excellent skiing. After a day of skiing at Monarch, I got the following pictures of convective snowshowers near Salida:

http://www.johnefarley.com/Salida1.jpg - looking south from Salida, around 5 p.m.

http://www.johnefarley.com/Salida2.jpg - same snowshower, about 10 minutes later, with backsheared and even slightly knuckled anvil

A great convention and interesting weather on the same trip! :)
Got back yesterday from attending the conference!
It was great to finally put a face to the name for some of you! Wish I could have met more!!
It was a great line up of speakers and I can't imagine how they can top that for next year!!!