2 amateur Looking to Tag Along w/ Experienced Storm Chaser

Mike Langston

Hi All,
My name is Mike Langston, and I am a 4th year engineering student at UC Berkeley (in California). I have always been fascinated with Tornados, however after learning how they actually work in my fluid mechanics course my fascination has increased and I have now decided that I would really like to see one in real life. I read in the FAQ on this site that there are tours that cost somewhere between 1500-2000$. Being a poor student I would like to avoid doing this, and if possible tag along with an experienced storm chaser. My good friend Dave, would also like to come with me (he has a similiar background to me). We would obviously be able to take care of our our transportation and hotel arrangements, and would just like to tag along (either follow in another vehicle, or ride along) with an exerienced chaser to avoid getting ourselves killed, and also increase our chances of seeing a tornado. In return for letting us tag along we would obviously be willing to pay a small fee, or help with moving equipment or other small tasks etc. If anyone is interested, please email me at [email protected]. Thank you.