2/19/05 REPORT: Southern California waterspouts

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Great catch Dave. Were you the source of either of the tornado reports that were received? How long was the waterspouts visibile to you?
Nice one Dave! I was hoping someone would get some pix of that. I drove by later in the day (I was keeping an eye out here in Dana Point), and I wanted to see if there was any damage. There was a report that some cars sustained damage. Also saw on radar the hook that produced the Fallbrook tornado.
Both waterspouts lasted about ten minutes. The second one weakened quite a bit before it went ashore by the pier and caused minor damage. By then, the funnel was too far away for me to see it on the ground, but someone had a great view from the lifeguard tower on the pier ("I could see it suck up sand as it moved across the beach.")
Wow, Exccellent shouts Dave. that thing looks like something you would see in the plains. Just photoshop an Oklahoma backdrop and your all set.

This has been a very active year for spouts.

Here's a link to a few I got last month off of Palos Verdes.


Keep em coming,

Todd, those are mounds of plant and tree debris from the Santa Ana River outflow about a half-mile away. With all the rain this year, there's been an unusual amount of stuff washing up on the beach, which they put into piles every fifty yards or so and eventually haul away.
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