11/29/06 NOW: KS/MO/OK/TX/AR/IL

Peter Creedon

Currently, it looks as if it is setting up to the west of KSTL. But, I Don't think they are severe yet. Could possibly see a few tors today.

I'll be ready.
Sitting in Gainesville, TX right now at the Starbucks. I like where I'm located and will make a decision on if I need to move north or west. If there's any other chasers in the area that want to meet up- you know where I'm at or call me 940-783-2136. There's a lot of cloud cover but temps are getting up there. It just feels like something is going to happen...
Just had thunder sleet in Lenexa KS and the ground temps have just fallen to below 32 degrees. It could be a real wild and whooly ice storm in the KC Metro, especially when the sun goes down. Things are about to get very interesting in the next 36 hrs. from ice and snow to probable tornadoes from NC/NE Texas, SE Oklahoma, C/S Arkansas, and later into the Lower Mississippi Valley and Mid-South areas.
We got over an 1" of rain in about 1-2 hours over wichita and thunderstorms were developing in cold air. I can't believe how much lightning there was. It was 27 degrees when the cells came through around 10:30am. We got wave after wave untill 2:15pm and the ice storms seem to be moving off to the NE. The fire works are starting to shoot of down in Texas where a group of cells have formed into a nasty squall line along I-35 south of the red river. Watching the south end of the cluster for rotation and also watching back into central Texas as the back end of this front stalls where cells are beginning to form along the dryling. Once a cell starts spinnin wont surprise me if they all get there act together and play follow the leader for 6-12 hours lol. Anyone about 100 miles SE of Wichita Falls, Tx i'd say thats the bears cage right now. Cells are also starting to develop 150-200 mi S of Dallas and they are starting to show supercell characteristicts on radar. We could see some dangerous tornadoes today I hope people down there are paying attention to the sky today. I was just in Denton, Tx on Saturday night right after thanksgiving crazy :p
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Cell in Palo Pinto County Texas is starting to rotate. Wont be surprised if it gets warned soon.
Sry David im new here
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Please keep in mind that 99.9% of the population of this board either has a radar program, or already have their favorite website to get the radar data. Adding links to your favorite radar site is probably not necessary in most cases.
I'm currently sitting on the east side of Valley View (N of Denton), waiting patiently to see what happens. Latest radar data indicates that the cell just W of me is struggling, but there is a cell west of that one (north of Decatur) that is now capturing my attention. Extrapolation of motion indicats that it should go north of my position, but a righthand turn may cut down on that. Actually, latest SRV1 shows strong rotation in extreme se Montague county -- perhaps a T warning soon if it persists for another scn. Rotation remains w/ thte storm in Palo Pinto / extreme sw Jack Co, but that's quite a way from my location.
Anyone think those storms south of Dallas will get there acts together? Dallas metro area is quite right now the mothership has landed in Young Co Texas anyone on the cell right now man it has gained strangth in the last 20 min.

EDIT: The storms that fired off the front have been undercut by out flow and the boundary is beginning to move SE. You can see it on the radar. So thats what's going to trigger the cells to explode south of Dallas once the two air masses meet. Am I seeing this right or am I a little off?
Hey and whats up with the NWS radar for Dyess Air Force Base, TX. I try to pull it up and the screen says radar not available radar is currently undergoing maintenance... man that sux. Anyone have a link to a radar in that area? And I think its safe to say that N Texas is a bust today it looked good this morning but an even better setup is taking place in central Texas between Dallas and Waco. Anyone who targeted north Texas wont get down there until after dark which sucks but will add to the excitement a little for all you night chaser(im afraid of the dark). Back to the waiting game I guess.
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I think part of the problem is that the front may be pretty shallow initially, which means that, by the time a surface parcel reaches it's LFC, it's been lifted and advected 10-15 mi behind the front. This may explain why we see persistent development immediately behind the front. Unfortunately, the front continues to chug sotheastward at 10-15 mph, while the storms are moving primarily northeastward or NNEward, which isn't allowing any of them to move into the true surface warm-sector. The storms that did develop in the warm sector (near the DFW metroplex) have fallen apart in the past hour or so.
Sleet mania in KC Metro

In what has to be one of the longer periods of sleet I have witnessed, only 1.5 inches has accumulated in Overland Park. This probably because it was 72 degrees here yesterday. This will help with laying out a nice base for the big snowflakes to land on tomorrow though.
Freezing rain and sleet in southern Norman...it's going to get interesting...
Correction....make that thundersleet!!!! Rock on!!!!
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Is anyone watching the tornado warned cell in south TX. I was curious if others were seeing weak rotation or if it was just my wishful thinking.
We're back to light sleet and frz drizzle

in the KC Metro at 9pm. We have about a two inch crunchy layer of sleet and ice and you can tell the ground is still warm. There is a lot of melting going on below the crunchy layer. This icy mix should hang on though and provide a great base for tomorrow's snowstorm to build up a nice accumulation.
Weak rotation (but still rotation) in that Bandera County, TX storm.
Couplet stronger now in refresh radar update... possible tornado near the town of Mico, TX. This storm appears to be moving in on the north/northwest sides of the San Antonio metro area!
Now rotation weakens again. Must be pulsing. Rotation is very small scale, but still there.
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it has been pulsing for the last hour or so... from 20,000ft up to 32,000 from 50dbz return to 70dbz. If it holds out it looks to be makeing a line for the Austin Metro area.
heading this way

TVS, tops at 25. If it turns, I'm going to sit on the front porch.

Tops back to 30, new TVS entering Comal Co. North of San Antonio

Your right, that's why we never went, but fun to watch and monitor. After driving two and a half hours today for rain and inflow bands, it was nice to sit down at the computer and watch a decent storm try to form.....which never happend.