10/2/06 NOW: MN/IA/WI/IL/MI/

Shawn Hiebert

10/3/06 NOW: MN/IA/WI/IL/MI/

I'm currently in SW MN and all is clear, looks like the action is more to the east of here. I'll be traveling through WI and into Indiana tommorow, with some luck I should be the area of some potential chasing.
Is this a NOW thread for today?? If so, southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois are the hotspots today. Big MCS looks to be splitting with the area of storms in south WI moving to the southwest. New storms may be firing on an outflow boundary moving into north central IL. This could be a possible flash flood problem for the Chicago Metro. Hail and winds are also occuring.
Wow some nasty storms in IL! Stroms capable of producing 75-90 MPH winds along the line with Qaurter Size hail also possible. What a night for WI and IL. MI also saw some nice storms today. David you live in chicago right? How bad was the storms as they went through chicago?
The storms werent that bad in Niles which is on the nw border of Chicago, i had some marble sized hail that fell for about 10 minutes, nothing too heavy. It reminded me of a regular summertime airmass thunderstorm, lots of heavy rain, a good amount of lightning and small hail and thats about it
Here at the NIU campus, quarter sized hail, and likely 60 mph winds. A genuine severe thunderstorm. The winds stayed high for quite a long time as well. The rainfall rates were phenomenal! I can't wait for the possible supercells tomorrow!