1/12-1/15 Storm Development Question?

Andrew Sorce

The storm slowly crawling out of the Rockies is quite impressive an devastating, but it seems to have a rather non-standard development time and intensity. It never really winds up, yet has amazing baroclinicity, strong upper levels winds, ample moisture, etc. And even when the upper level support and the surface front encounter the Eastern seaboard, it never experiences much rapid growth. It is fascinating to watch storms evolve and grow through positive feedback, but this storms seems to be a bit of an anomaly. Just wondering if anyone would care to discuss some of this storms interesting characteristic's. It probably is on the order of a 10-20 year event (maybe I'm exaggerating).
I'm wondering that too... All of the "features" seem to be present for rapid cyclogenesis (perhaps even bombogenesis), but it doesn't happen - or at least the models aren't catching it. I think one of the reasons probably has to do with the Arctic low that comes spinning down, partially absorbing the energy from the system currently over the Rockies.
Well, the latest NAM is starting to deepen this storm a little more than previous runs. The precip at my location is very dependent on the storm track which leaves my area teetering on the edge of moderate snow, icing, all sleet, and even mostly rain as possible outcomes. I'd really love it to end up a decent snow event, were struggling in these parts in terms of the white stuff.