09/25/04 NOW: Jeanne (Atlantic)

Really did not know where to post this. During a hurricane a lot
of current information can be obtained through local tv stations.

Some TV Stations Links to follow the action of Hurricane Jeanne

Jacksonville TV Stations:
http://www.news4jax.com/index.html -WJXT (Ch. 4) CBS
http://www.wtlv.com/ -WTLV (Ch. 12) NBC
http://www.wjxx.com/ -WJXX (Ch. 25) ABC

Miami TV Stations:
http://www.wfor.com/ -WFOR (Ch. 4) CBS
http://www.nbc6.net/index.html -WTVJ (Ch. 6) NBC
http://www2.wsvn.com/special_edition/main.html -WSVN (Ch. 7) FOX
http://www.local10.com/index.html -WPLG (Ch. 10) ABC

Orlando TV Stations:
http://www.wesh.com/index.html -WESH (Ch. 2) NBC
http://www.local6.com/index.html -WKMG (Ch. 6) CBS
http://www.wftv.com/index.html -WFTV (Ch. 9) ABC

West Palm Beach TV Stations:
http://www.tcpalm.com/tcp/wptv -WPTV (Ch. 5) NBC
http://www.wpecnews12.com/ -WPEC (Ch. 12) CBS
http://www.thewpbfchannel.com/index -WPBF (Ch. 25) ABC
http://www.wflxfox29.com/ -WFLX (Ch. 29) FOX

http://abcnews.go.com/ -ABC
http://www.cbsnews.com/sections/home/main100.shtml -CBS
http://www.cnn.com/ -CNN
http://www.foxnews.com/ -FOX
http://www.msnbc.msn.com/ -NBC
http://www.weather.com/ -TWC

Official landfall in the nearly identical locale as where Frances made landfall -- Seward's Wall / Stuart. Absolutely incredible that two hurricanes can make landfall in nearly the exact same location within 3 weeks. To make it even more odd, Frances made landfall almost EXACTLY 3 weeks ago (like 1am EDT Sunday 3 weeks ago). The images I've seen look quite a bit more impressive than what I saw with Frances, that's for sure...
Updated - 144am ET Wow! What a evening. We are in Ft Pierce, FL along the intercoastal water way. We are currently in the eye of Jeanne with a pressure reading of 953mb. Our strongest winds in the western eyewall was around 110 mph with gusts likely near 125mph. We are now waiting on the eastern eyewall. There is very impressive surge from the water in the downtown area's here of Ft Pierce and all around the marina. There is damage to buildings and homes much worst than with Frances right here in the same location a few weeks ago. We are in a group of 5 people at this time. Jim Edds, Chris Collura, Jason Foster, Doug Kiesling and myself Jeff Gammons.

More to come after the east eyewall and sunrise. What a night!
At 7:15am, winds are now sustained to 35mph with gusts up to 50mph. I am located in Clearwater. The pressure is 29.33 and falling. I am now waiting for the worst to come into the area which will happen in a couple of hours.

It's now sunrise and I'm off to video and take pictures of the storm.
Amazingly, power and internet have not failed me. The winds picked up here around 0800z. Orlando International Airport reported a gust of 87mph around 0900z. Since that time, the winds at my place have kept a pretty steady 40-50mph with gusts to 65mph. Pressure here is currently 985.8mb, and fluctuating wildly, but still generally falling. Judging by the radar, it would appear that while curving around our south, Jeanne is maintaining a position that keeps Orlando in roughly the same speed of winds, because we haven't seen much change here in about 6 hours now. This is yet another similarity to Frances.
doppler velocity out of jax shows 60+ knot winds in the feeder band moving on shore in and north of flagler county. Rotation was indicated in one cell onshore in the flagler-bunnell region.