07/29/2004 NOW: High Plains

Mar 2, 2004
Northern Colorado
Will go ahead and start a NOW thread for the area since SPC has issued a Severe Thunderstorm Watch. It covers the eastern plains of Colorado from about Colorado Springs northward into the Nebraska Panhandle and southern Wyoming. This barely includes the eastern sides of the Denver Metro area.

Storms have fired down near Colorado Springs and in eastern Wyoming/Nebraska Panhandle. Several severe warnings are out at this time..
Boy that was a tremendous supercell from Fort Collins. (I mean yeah, by Stormtrack and Norman standards, it sucked because it didn't put down a monster tornado, but from ordinary Joe standards like myself that enjoy nice supercells, it was nice looking.) Stationary for the longest time and beautiful updraft that looked so close to Fort Collins (yet a 1.5 hour drive). I regret biking into work yesterday. Couldn't find any grad students that wanted to drive out yesterday. Grad students don't care about real storms anymore these days. They'd rather model them on their computer.
In other words, they are much more responsible than myself.
Sad and regretful,

No worries, Chris.. I missed out on that beauty as well.. got called into work again that evening and accepted.. saw the gorgeous storm from Denver in the horizon and thought I made a big mistake.. work sucked, too, so I really paid the price.. :cry: