07/22/04 REPORTS: Central Plains, Ohio Valley, TX

Larry J. Kosch

Starting a REPORTS thread this early a.m. SPC again reports no tornadoes for 07/22/04. There were a significant number of hail reports in CO and wind damage in KS. A larger number of wind damage was reported in the IL, IN and OH areas. TX turned in a few damage reports as well. Please post your first hand chase or storm damage reports here. Thanks.
Southwest Illinois mini-chase

I had a nice little local chase this evening; managed to get on two severe
storms, one with a large but non-rotating wall cloud just east or southeast
of Lebanon, IL; the other with a roll cloud and later a lowering of some kind under the gust front southwest of Mascoutah, IL. Both storms produced lots of CG, with the first one dropping nickle-sized hail in Germantown and the second producing dime to half-dollar hail in much of the Belleville area into Fairview Heights. Got some decent structure pics and a couple nice vid caps of CG lightning.