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07/16/06 NOW: MN


Radar is showing some nice storms that look like supercells on the radar. They are all tornado warned and showing DBZ of 65-70. If anybody is chasing let us know if you see a tornado. Anybody else watching these nice storms on radar? They are heading to the great lakes mabey some waterspouts are possible once it moves off land? -MatthewCarman.

EDIT: storms dont look so much like supercells now :(
A report of 2.75" and 4" hail from the Babbit area. Nice left moving splits happening. The storms will likely die or just become elevated as they move out over the cold waters of Superior. Lots of white pixels in there for a while... Nice storm. We'll have to see if anyone chased it through the trees. Of a large concern also are a couple fires that are burning in the BWCA and more lightning may mean bad news for areas that don't get the rain.