07/10/04 FCST: Central & Northern Plains

Larry J. Kosch

Top of the Morning to you! Actually its just plain old Saturday and SPC has placed a SLIGHT risk for the Central & Northern Plains, mainly in NE, SD and ND. A warm front is draped across the Dakotas and is connected to a LOW in MT. Overnight storms in western NE is still in progress at this early hour. This may leave some outflow boundaries for storm interaction today. Post your forecast discussions here. 8)

Update: The outflow boundaries east of the storms in SW part of NE has moved into Central NE. That kicked up some storms on a N-S line between York and Superior NE. 8)

Update: NWS is having MSC discussion about a SWW for SD if the potential storm developments occurred in the next hour or two. Also the SPC SLIGHT risk area has been expanded to include MT and MN. 8)
NWS posted a SWW

Sheesh! Is anybody reading this?? NWS has posted a SWW for SD this afternoon. I have to leave from my work place so someone please start a NOW thread?? Thanks. 8)
Geez, its been a busy week up here. EC has changed our forecast again and again. Now it looks like instead of sunny skys, we are due to get more storms. An interesting line of precip has form along the US/Can border and heading NE. I wonder if any of those will go severe? Big slight risk again from SPC but I don't have much time today to deal with it. :(