05/16/05 FCST: Central/High Plains

Not a very impressive day shaping up today anywhere in the country, but positioning on tomorrow playing a part in today's reasoning to go out, so I've opted to go ahead and take my very slim chances..

This morning's ETA has a very small area north/northeast of Goodland, Kansas pegged with some meager parameters... SRH and CAPE values max out in an area along I-70 between the KS/CO border and Colby. A theta-E max also progged to be in the same place a 0z with LIs only at -2.

At 850, a theta-E tounge stretches across the area northward into South Dakota. Winds straight from the south at 10/15kts. Moving up, the winds do shift to SW @ 15kts (700) to NW @ 25kts (500) to NW @ 25kts (250).

Again, this gives highly slim chances along a very narrow strip for today, but if it weren't for tomorrow's setup nearby, I'd likely pass on the whole thing all together. It is the High Plains and I've seen stranger happen, so I'm not totally calling off any chance to see good storms, but I'm definately not holding my breath.

Again, my target seems to lie in the area along and just north of I-70 between the KS/CO border and Colby. We shall see!