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05/08/04 NOW: NE, IA, MT, SD, ND

Number one reason to bruise your own leg kicking yourself:

<img src=http://img47.photobucket.com/albums/v143/mikeperegrine/mikes_storm3.gif>
Hey How about ME???

Hey Mike,

You should be in my place in Lincoln NE. My wife and daughter went on a afternoon trip to Hastings. They are on their way home (in town at this hour) and should be back home safely. The problem is they took both the video and digital cameras with them. Otherwise I would have taken both and headed out to Columbus NE to catch some storm pics. But I had to watch the home front and keep our two Bichon Freess dogs out of trouble...

Looks like both Lincoln and Omaha, particularly the latter will catch the brunt of this storm line, which is moving slowly (10 mph) to the E-SE. Last TW was for Butler county which is E-SE of Columbus NE.

Hope you chasers are getting some great photos!!! 8) LJK.
Not in the targeted area, but NW of Chicago is begining to act up. First a small storm went up and orphaned its anvil. Now, several cells are begining to EXPLODE across N central IL. Plenty of lightning to my west. Radar is lighting up :shock: I'm thinking the next MD/WW will be here.
Well I went for a jog to clear my head and it felt good - plus, on the way my weather radio went off with a svr watch ... even though I'm on the low end of it, it still sounded nice - - -

And you know what I'm thinking about tomorrow now ...

I'm hearing reports of funnel clouds with the supercell along the NE/KS border right now... northeast Norton Co... I'm assuming no one on here is on that storm, but interesting nonetheless... Especially seeing how a nearby profiler is showing <10 kts flow from 700-450mb!
Right now, I'm looking at doppler and it's showing enhanced rotation in Montgomery county, IA, near Wales.