05/06/05 REPORTS: NM/OK

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Jason Boggs

Targeted the area around Dalhart and Clayton today. Nothing really too impressive until I saw some good updrafts near Clayton, NM around 7pm mountain time. The updrafts were well east of me and I was starting my trip home until I got south out of Clayton and saw this LP Supercell really getting it's act together.

These photos were taken looking west out of Clayton just after 7pm mountain time. What a way to start out a real chase for 2005!








I was on the storm just downstream of the one Jason was on... northeast of Clayton near Wheeless, OK in the far western OK Panhandle...

One of the more spontaneous chases, as I had to work the day shift and had no intentions to chase. Upon leaving work, I was beginning to like the looks of the far northeastern NM area near Clayton for the late initiation of storms as good deep tropospheric forcing was coming in off the higher terrain. I left Dodge around 5pm and made it down to Boise City, OK shortly after 7:30 or so. Southwest of Boise City, I was seeing somewhat impressive convective development, moving in my general direction looking west-southwest.

It didn't take long for me to get a good look at the updraft of this storm on the southwest side, which ended up being one of those classic looking high plains LPs, with a narrow "chimney" updraft. There was obvious rotation with this small storm, and for a brief moment, the storm revealed a good clear slot, however I was a little too far away to ascertain any significant cloud base rotation. Another storm was developing near Clayton to my southwest, which spread a big downwind anvil and killing my good visibility and picturesque contrast. I was quite pleased with the results of this rather spontaneous endeavour!


<img src=http://www.underthemeso.com/albums/2005may06/DSC2814.jpg width=400>

Mike U
Scott Eubanks and I chased in Dallam County, Texas and Cimarron County, OK and encountered three photogenic LPs which transitioned to small classics around 0z as more favorable upper level energy approached and the storms moved into better moisture. Two of the storms featured sustained wall clouds for thirty minutes or so.

These storms exceeded our expectations for the day. And of course, the chase country in the panhandles is amazing. It was a very cool way to kickoff May.



Posted a few pics here.

I was in the GDL FO when initiation occured almost right over the office, but I didn't like its soft updraft and low top, and decided to go after a developing storm down near Cheyenne Wells, CO.

At Burlington, there was approx 1.5" hail on the ground, and cells were training to the town.

At one point, scud was being sucked up from really low levels, and I really thought I was gonna score, but nooooo. Still, it was a fun day.

Here are a few pics:



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