05/05/04 NOW: NE

Larry J. Kosch

A NOW thread is being started for NE as three counties in the middle of the state have been placed under severe thunderstorm warnings. This storm system have been moving to the east and will impact Lincoln/Omaha areas this evening.

NWS radar out of Hastings, NE :


Update: Severe thunderstorms warnings were issued for two eastern NE counties (Saunders and Lancaster), which included the city of Lincoln. Most of the severe weather threat was from 60 mph winds measured north of Lincoln. Those warnings were expired at 10:15 p.m. local time. LJK.
I was on this storm tonight with the group I'm chasing with from WeatherBug. The storm kicked up some INCREDIBLE dirt! Not only that but it kept doing it for over an hour! My equipment it covered, there's dirt in my ears. Saw what may have been a funnel SW of Grand Island. A meso was detected at the time. Lots of lightning, too. A great chase considering there was not event a cloud in the sky earlier in the day. Looks like we are headed to Iowa in the morning.

My pictures from the storm are at http://okstorms.com/weatherbug/2004-05-05/HTML

You can catch the rest of my trip at http://okstorms.com/weatherbug

Weatherbug has a blog for our trip updated many times a day at http://weatherbug.blogs.com
Great Photos


Great photos!! Even though you wound up chasing nothing but dust, at least it was not a bust!! I was watching the storm develop on NWS radar as it progressed to the east. Seems like once it got past Grand Island NE, the storms collapsed and produced all of the dusty outflows that you saw.The base reflectivity on the radar showed that dusty front very well as a strong outflow boundary spreading SE from the storms. It actually spread SE as far as Beatrice NE (my HS).

Glad to see you were in our great state of Nebraska!! 8) LJK.