04/28/05: REPORT: AR

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Gosnell, AR
First chase of the year and first storm even witnessed for the year!

Me and Kurt Hulst both checked into a Comfort Inn in the evening, and waited in the motel for initation to occur. A pair of supercells formed east of Fort Smith, and continued northeast at around 45MPH, and we got ready for a chase around the area. Storms pulsed up a bit as they reached the southern most part of the Bootheel, and NE AR... With a ton of lightning op, and some wind/hail potential...

[Broken External Image]:http://midwestchase.com/tn_IMG_0044.JPG
[Broken External Image]:http://midwestchase.com/tn_IMG_0047.JPG
[Broken External Image]:http://midwestchase.com/tn_IMG_0049.JPG
[Broken External Image]:http://midwestchase.com/tn_IMG_0035.JPG

Now, for the BIG show tomorrow... :D
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