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04/22/05: Reports: Midwest into the Southeast

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4/22/05 KY, OH , IN

Similar experience for me.

Left Athens Oh on route 32 towards CINCI at about noon.

As it had rained all night and a deck of clouds covered the area we
needed a clear slot and some heating for any real action to occur so every mile I headed West I kept hoping to see the sun.

Got some data about 50 miles east of CINCI by leeching the wireless in front of a Days Inn. By then the blue box had gone up West of Cinci in Indiana. Figured that another warning box would go up East so we picked a target position. We settled on the split of rt 71, 75 south of CINCI in KY.

We reached our destination and checked data. Strong storm about 50 miles away the strom that would finally had a tornado sighted in Indiana. The drive was a little too far and I guessed that the storm had already peaked. I was wrong the storm was still going to grow. It sure looked nice on radar but I was hoping to find one more in a growth stage and coming our way. Also hoping to find an isolated storm in front of what was to become a squall line.

Ironically a blue box had gone up and a strong storm had just begun to fire East of Cinci and chasing that one would mean a chase back home. Unfortunately traffic kept us from getting to that storm until it too had blown itself out. But chasing home is a nice consolation prize for only moderately severe weather.

Fun day , nice to be out and close to home. Had conditions been a little better and had some more and/or stronger storms fired we would have been in position.
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