01/12/05: REPORTS

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Anybody chase yesterday, please post your reports below.

Earlier in the day, we had some storms move through, was asleep,
was awaken by the thunder, did not chase.

I did chase last night:

Location: Michigan
Target: Northwest Ottawa County
Time: Sometime after 10 pm.
Chase Gear Used: None
Mileage: Who Cares
Quick Report: I saw nothing severe.

Short Discussion:
Last night, went to the hospitall to visit my father, got home,
check radar, and headed to the Grand Haven, Muskegon area,
which is some 50 miles away. Encounter winds of 35-40 mph,
no hail, heavy downpours and some lightning.

On the way home, saw a couple of CG's in southern Kent County
and northern Allegan County. Was it worth chasing, yes, its rare
to have thunderstorms in Michigan in January.

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