01/12/05 Now: Canada

What the heck is this? LOL... The storms totally pass us by here in MI, only to redevelop into what looks to be a decent squall line?! Looks pretty good though... The lack of data makes it hard to tell the exact strength of the storms, but still impressive for Jan.
-1C here now... All quite in K/W at this hour, but we had some minor action (heacy rain, thunder, lightning) around 5ish this afternoon. Cells were developing south of here earlier on, but moving at a fair clip. 'tiz all fog now...

Be well, TR
Originally posted by Jeremy Lemanski
i wonder if there is some bright banding occuring in those cells? the temps can't be very warm up there.

Actually, NLDN showed quite a bit of lightning with that activity, even more so than what's going on in the Plains/Midwest. Temperatures were around 50F at the time of the event, with a few reports of 55F mixed in. With the freezing layer being near 700mb at the time, and the radar beam most likely being below that level, I doubt there was much bright banding occuring. So, good ol' fashion thunderstorms! :eek: