XM WX Worx AC power setup


I'm looking to see if anyone has had any luck with getting a generic AC power supply for the WX Worx setup. The setup is going to Florida to go on a 90 foot Scuba Dive Boat. The boat has a full AC power setup so I don't need the cig power setup.
Doug, you should have had an AC power supply come with your WX WORX or I think one can be ordered through the company. I would not recommend a generic power supply as the unit is rather finicky. For example, there have been many problems with the car lighter adapter. Most people use the AC power adapter plugged into an inverter.

Bill Hark
I found a fix for my setup for the boat. The Radio Shack down the road from me is moving so they had a close out. I was in there today looking for some XLR audio cables and found a AC to DV 1000ma cig power outlet setup. Just tested it out and it works fine and the best part is that it only cost me $10. The XM setup should be fun to play with on the boat and at may stay on the boat in Ft. Myers since it is no longer needed on land with the new cell phone data setup where I have data almost everywhere.