bill mudd

Jul 2, 2004
laguna beach california
just discovered this banner riddled site (WXNATION) - is it like weatherbug where you get tons of spyware and banners? I DO like the data - any thoughts on this site?
I've used this site for months, and go in almost daily. There is usually some interesting stuff on weather, and space news; culled from many sources. It's great dinner time reading, and I have found other interesting sites through there such as livescience.com, which among other things would be a splendid classroom resource in schools.
I think that he's doing a wonderful service with this site and deserves to be supported with a compliment or thank you....
Actually I saw nothing negative in your original thoughts and I agree about the banners, though I tend to ignore them.
I honor all the work it must take to put together and keep updated a daily news website such as that, and feel so greatful that I have found another great dinnertime reading place to bury my eyes..