wx worx tech support issues

Jun 12, 2004
South East Wisconsin
Anyone else with the wx worx system having any issues with their tech support?

I was getting an error message when I was setting the account up with XM last week. The person told me I would need to call wx worx tech support. So I call, and the person tells me someone will call me back shortly. Now, I am in my car, and its 14 degrees out. I waited out there for a half hour and still no call. I go in and 2 hours later I finally get a call. So the lady seems to know exactly what to do with this error, and walks me through set up. Great. Its working. Now today, I want to play with it, and I get the same error message. I call them up, and the first time, I got nothing but ringing. Finally a message came on saying, "Your party is not answering. Please try back later". So I try 5 minutes later, and get through. I ask for someone for tech support, and the lady says, "OK, give me your name and number and someone will call you back"

WTF is that all about? Do they only have one person on duty or something?

Just wondering if others have dealt with this. Not THAT big of a deal at the beginning of March, but I sure hope I do not have any problems out in the field chasing.

Doug Raflik
[email protected]
Call them back untill they help you. thats what i had to do once. i think i called them 3 times till i finally got a tech dude. But all my question delt with was the GPS. they were currently in board meeting or somthing. Ill say they should do better, with support than they are for sure.