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Wiper blade refills

Ok winters been longer than I like and its currently 62 f outside. Anyway I’m starting to tinker with things preparing for spring to show up some time. I stopped by the store to pick up wiper blades and started wondering what kind of blades others use? I’m back to buying the regular ANCO refills. I’ve tried all different kinds, triple blades, silicone, ect.., but have found these work just as well. I absolutely hate blades that screech, smear, or leave puddles. Has anyone found a blade that they would rate far above the rest? And does anyone actually carry a spare or two?
I have used a couple differnt blades in my time, all with the same result. Before a chase I clean all the windows and apply Rain-Ex which works really well for me. The rain just beads right up like falling on a wax finish. One must reapply the stuff after every deluge driving experience as it's not a permant fix.
I use the cheapest blade refills I can. When they are new, all blades do a good job. I use lots of Rain-X It tends to eat up the blades a little. I will usually go through at least a couple sets of blades in a season. At only about $3 a pair, I don't mind changing them often. I have tried more expensive brands and haven’t seen any better results.
I'll also put my two cents in for Rain-X. I just started using it and I've told everybody I know...wow...Im really...wow. Stuff is amazing.
I apply Rain-X to the windshields on the B-737 when I fly in the spring. My co-pilots are amazed that I can see the runway long before they can on a rain soaked approach to the airport. The stuff is amazing. The hard part is crawling out the window and applying it. Use to be a whole lot easier when I was younger. :(
I highly recommend it for the automobile.
I have to agree with Charles. I usually buy the cheap ANCO blades and replace them at the beginning and mid spring. I use Rain-X like everyone else does. Going down a major highway in the rain at 70+ with a semi throwing up spray always makes me glad I use it!
I find that Rain-X isn't working as well as I remember. Either my windshield has too many micro-dings (which I've heard can reduce Rain-X effectiveness; our main car has over 100K miles), I'm not doing as good a job buffing it in as I used to, or the road spray around here is doing something to neutralize it. I haven't yet figured out which one is correct.

But I agree that Rain-X in any amount is worth it if you're going to be driving on Interstates (and as Bill said, those semis kick up ungodly amounts of spray).

Originally posted by Tim Vasquez
I find that Rain-X isn't working as well as I remember. Either my windshield has too many micro-dings

You need to core punch more often.If you do, you can get a brand new windshield. :)