Why So Many Twisters This Year?

There was a good segment this morning on the CBS Early Show where they talked with Dan McCarthy of the SPC about why we're having so many tornadoes this year.

In case you missed it, here's a link to the story:


I did read anything about La Nina. Ok, we had a very abnormally warm and very dry winter across the south central and southwestern U.S, and this is true, but there's more this year. And probably La Nina has got a strong influence. We'll see on may if it's true.
For some reason, people believe that tornadoes can not occur in the latter part of the year, why I don't know. People, the general public, believe they run on a tight schedule. Like, my Mom and Dad, think if the sky is blue that, "How can there be a storm?" or just a few nights ago my personal favorite, "I can see the moon and starts there can't be a storm".

Just people.