What brand camera do you use?

What brand camera are you primarily using?

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I have two Canon digital cameras. I have the 10D SLR and the Powershot S60.

To be honest I rarely use the SLR anymore. I am so happy with the photos coming out of my S60, that's all I bring travelling anymore. Of course, the 10D shines in certain situations and when weight is not an issue I'll use that. Otherwise I use the small S60.

Almost all the photos on my website were taken with the Powershot S60:

Currently using a Fuji but I am getting either a Canon Rebel XT or the 20D in the near future.

Canon Camcorder - although that will be upgraded to a 3CCD before spring
Wow 16 to 4(Canon vs Nikon) so far. Ok so maybe it isn't close.

Canon Digital Rebel here: 300D
this thread was made in response to a thread i made comparing the 2... thanks everyone for your opinions and ideas...

i'll probably be going with the cannon
Wow, there quite a Canon following. I suppose I should have stipulated still vs. Video.

Sony seem to be the running favorite for Video.

I'll break my list down a bit:

Still- Canon 10D, Olympus E-10 (Digital)
Mamiya ZE, Nikon FG (Film)

Video- Canon Optura 20 and Sony DSR200

Yes, I still use film as a back up to the digital cameras. Yes, I have a Nikon. It was a freebie. Meter doesn't work, so the guy gave it to me. The Mamiya is an old one. It was the last version of 35mm Mamiya made. Darn good camera within it's limits. Another thing about it, the accessories are cheap! No one has these any more and getting good glass for them is pretty good.
I use a Nikon N65 Was thinking about the D70/50 since i have plenty of lenses for Nikon
But i might get a Digital Rebel if i can get one at the price I was offered.

Video I have a Sony D8 TRV260
and a Canon Elura70 MiniDV

Want to get a TRV900
Since everything I own is at least 20 years old, this is entirely "FWLIW!"

I've got several ancient Canon bodies. I went with them because they of the killer T-90 (the Dx2/5D of the day) that happened to come out at the time.

Since Canon screwed everyone over by making the EOS lensmount incompatable with all my old FD lenses, my eventual DSLR will be whatever looks best at the time.

In addition to the T-90, A-1 and AE-1, I also have a Yashica TLR 6x6, Graphic View 4x5 (Fine for lightning, but probably a bit too slow for shooting twisty storms), and a P/S Oly Digicam.


Well, my still cameras are a Fuji A210 and an HP Photosmart 935 (freebie).
While they do take pretty descent shots I would like to upgrade to a better still camera.
My video cameras are a Sony DCR-TRV510 and a JVC GR-D33U miniDV which is small and very good as a dash mount unit.
As with most of us, there is always room for improvement with our equipment but convincing our better halves that we REALLY do need them is yet another story. :D
Canon all the way for SLR's . . . though I still shoot transparency film (Kodak Ektachrome E100VS), and I neither feel the want nor the need to change that anytime soon.

I own an Elan 7e, which I absolutely love . . . great feel, very intuitive, and the eye control feature is amazing! My primary lenses consist of the 28-105 3.5/4.5 II USM and 50 1.8 MKI (metal mount and better construction than the MKII). I did just recently purchase a Leonardo 4 x5 large format pinhole camera, but I doubt that will be very useful for chasing. :wink:

I did the research comparing the two. In the end, neither camera's pros or cons outweighed each other for me, so the choice was easy. I already owned Nikon glass and am familar with Nikon camera controls, so I went with the Nikon. Also had to choose between the D70s and the D50. I chose the D50 mainly for price. The only feature on the D70s that I would have really liked was the ability to fire the flash remotely instead of tethered to the camera (or with a second flash unit). My pictures look great so far, but I have yet to use it in a storm situation (bought it last August).

I'm sure in ~3 years when the 14+ MP DSLRs drop below $1K, I will upgrade again.