What Arctic Air Mass?

Jan 11, 2006
Winnipeg, Manitoba
I'm definitely ready for the new spring chase season, but not just because of the storms. Some temperature moderation will be kind of nice, too:

Environment Canada's Official Weather Warnings


City of Winnipeg
9:40 PM CST Saturday 3 February 2007
Wind chill warning for
City of Winnipeg continued

Extreme wind chills of minus 40 to minus 50 are expected tonight and Sunday morning over most of southern Manitoba.

A very cold Arctic airmass over southern Manitoba will produce temperatures of minus 35 to minus 40 tonight. This combined with winds of 15 km/h will produce dangerous wind chill values of minus 40 to minus 50 tonight into Sunday morning. These extreme values should moderate Sunday afternoon as temperatures rise.

Extreme wind chill values are possible once again Sunday night into Monday.

Yes, I am ready for spring! We had snowshowers move through today with dewpoints at -17F! Now, that is some very dry air to have precipitation falling in and reaching the ground in.

What's really incredible is that we can see dewpoints exceed the 80° mark rather easily in the summer as full evapotranspiration commences.
I was in Peoria, IL. Friday and Saturday. Once I got back in my warm hotel room around 11 pm,from taking some river area pictures, my ears were still beet red an hour later...... Filling up the gas tank during the trip wasn't much fun either...
Yes, we've had those warnings in Eastern Iowa as well.

Question: Does anyone have any idea when we're supposed to return to more normal type temps? As in: do you have any longer ranger forecasts available than the 6-10 climate prediction center forecasts?

(not extremely familiar with all the different models out there for this sort of thing)

Yeah - as much as I absolutely DREAD summer......once we get into mid-February I am usually good and ready for spring to start up and to get some warmth back into my bones. A climate like what Winnipeg is experiencing would be beyond my capability - it's a wonder that somewhere like that even gets populated!!

Yes, I, too, am SO ready for chase season and severe wx to start back up again. Unfortunately, it looks like the Gulf has actually sustained damage this go-round from the latest cold surge, so there won't be much moisture around for a while. :mad:

In Charleston, the Elk River (a smaller river that empties into the larger Kanawha River) has frozen over in the past couple of days - first time since 2002. The Kanawha has some ice forming along the banks now - could be frozen over in a couple more days!
The last two nights there were record low temps in Grand Forks, ND hitting around -30F each day. Actually felt reasonable without the wind. There have been a couple of -20 degree mornings with 20 mph wind which really knocks you out. I'm just glad Lake Erie is finally icing over. I've been on the Indiana and Ohio DoT forecast shift for the better part of the last month and Ashtabula his had snow every day. Time for a breather for the maintenence workers and the forecasters.